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Rain, Steam and Speed IIIii
Rain, Steam and Speed IIIi
Rain, Steam and Speed Iii
Whilst living and  working in Edinburgh, Julie was inspired by the Scottish landscape and worked on a photography project entitled Rain, Steam & Speed, inspired by Turner's work of the same name. 

'From her training as a painter Julie Clark's approach has been influenced by the former. Her approach is best described as 'painting with the lens', using an interplay of the elements around her ie light, speed, natural and simulated weather effects. This in turn feeds back to her practice of painting. It is a common misconception to perceive Julie Clark's work digitally manipulated, when the truth in the matter is it is just hand crafted as any painter. The inspiration of JMW Turner can be seen, reflected in her work, along with other contemporary styles, but with this and the Romantic philosophy she aims to challenge these preconceived notions associated with these theories and thus resulting in constant interplay between contemporary and traditional.' Contemporary Romantics exhibition.
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